Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an exclusive broker partner?

Nationwide Loans is a platform built for producers. We partner exclusively with tenured, consistently producing loan officers many of whom may be licensed brokers themselves. By doing so we ensure that our roster is composed of knowledgeable mortgage professionals who are looking to simplify their success and exchange ideas with like-minded originators.

Do I qualify as a producer?

We consider a producer an individual who closes, on average, 5 or more transactions per month. The loan officer who plugs most seamlessly into our platform has been actively originating for at least two years and is comfortable in a setting that offers autonomy. These individuals find value in our model which allows them to focus solely on marketing and origination.

What is the Painless Payout Process?

On the day your broker check is received, accounting will send a payout email & initiate direct deposit without the need to submit any funding notification or documentation. Your earnings should be in your account within 48 hours. Our team will retrieve the compliance package for your funded transaction directly from our lending partners.

What information is needed for NMLS reporting on my behalf?

We require nothing from our loan officers to file all mandatory reports to the NMLS on their behalf. Broker Support will retrieve any necessary information directly from our investors to fulfill this requirement.

Will I have resources to help navigate your many approved lenders?

We have created the Nationwide Toolbox which includes the tools necessary for a loan officer to navigate information regarding our lender partnerships. The Lender Matrix is an important resource housed here and includes information such as compensation, VA approvals, and AE assignments for every investor. This is constantly monitored and updated in real time. We also invite you to use our Slack account. Slack is a forum where you can connect with other members of the team as well as your account executives, and is a wonderful tool to use when looking for the right-fit lender for a specific loan scenario.

How is the processing of my loans handled?

It is important to the independent loan officers partnered with our company that they have full control of how processing is handled on their transactions. For this reason, we do not tether you to an internal team and instead invite you to approach processing how you see fit: by connecting with a contract processing team or by managing this yourself.

Am I able to market myself as a DBA of Nationwide Loans?

We understand branding is an important facet of your business. For this reason, we offer the ability to establish your business name as a DBA of Nationwide Loans. Should you plan to work through our platform on a consistent basis, leadership will coordinate with you to establish your brand as an extension of Nationwide Loans.

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